Sunday 8 AM & 10 AM | Wednesday 6:30 PM | 605.342.4496

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Service Times | Sunday 8 AM & 10 AM | Wednesday 6:30 PM
Children's ministry available at each service

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We have seen an alarming rise in contempt over honor is our society. Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 that we should understand that in the last days there will... Read More

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Loving God & Investing in People

When learning to fly,the primary instrument to focus is the altitude indicator which shows the airplane's pitch (nose up or down) and whether it was in a turn or wings level. I then thought about our day-to day lives and our country. We have been flying along with fairly clear skies. All of a sudden things are clouding up. People are not...Read More

One of our main passions is investing in people. Open Bible provides a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to Right Now Media's vast library of Bible studies, personal worship, kids resources, family resources, and more, to be used in life groups and personal/family discipleship. Contact the church for more information and access....Read More

What about today? Who is President? Are we in the End Times? Is our country going to fall? Has God forgotten us? Different circumstances, same questions. Same uncertainty. Maybe certainty was meant to be illusive. Maybe uncertainty actually makes the case for faith....Read More