Sunday 8 AM & 10 AM | Wednesday 6:30 PM | 605.342.4496

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Service Times | Sunday 8 AM & 10 AM | Wednesday 6:30 PM
Children's ministry available at each service

Featured Sermon

This is a continuation of a message on the value of immersing yourself in God's Word. It is the sustaining foundation for peace in the midst confusion. God has ... Read More

Featured Event

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Loving God & Investing in People

One of our main passions is investing in people. Open Bible provides a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to Right Now Media's vast library of Bible studies, personal worship, kids resources, family resources, and more, to be used in life groups and personal/family discipleship. Contact the church for more information and access....Read More

Robbery is more than stealing stuff. It takes away one's dignity. It takes away trust. It takes away one's security. It violates the victim. It victimizes the 'image of God.' If we are in possession of someone's dignity we have lost our influence with them....Read More

It's a tall order. We are to forgive as we have been forgiven (Matt 6.12). If we forgive, our Father will forgive us, but if we do not forgive our Father will not forgive us (Matt 6.14-15). Contemporary philosophy focuses on the benefit of the one forgiving, yet scripture focuses on the benefit of the forgiven....Read More