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How We Serve in What We Do

  • The church administration of Open Bible Church exists to support the unique calling of “loving God and investing in people” by strategizing, steering and providing stewardship over the business processes of the church.
  • We coordinate and support all paid ministry personnel and oversee the business processes that enables the team to work more effectively in fulfilling the vision and mission of Open Bible Church.

Within these business processes are three primary components:

Facilities Management

  • Oversight of the building and property complex as well as the maintenance team to ensure an adequate and safe environment is maintained for all ministry activities. Additionally, negotiating contracts for any external vendors required to make repairs to the facility, such as plumbers, roofers, and electricians.

Financial Management

  • Facilitating the annual spending plan and ensuring all payables, staff salaries and other expenses are current. Provide oversight, along with the Senior Pastor and Board of Directors, into all financial matters including local, state or federal legal requirements.

Personnel Management

  • Develop, implement and provide personnel with policies and procedures by which to operate. Policies cover all types of topics ranging from hiring and firing, benefits, membership guidelines, and staff qualifications. Specific guidelines help keep the values and goals of the church in focus. Administration will often address unique issues not covered within current policies and procedures.

Resources available

This helpful Pre-Funeral Preparations Handbook is now available in the church office upon request!

Cost $6.95

2018-2019 Annual Report