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Core Values

Core Values imagePurpose Statement: "The Reason We Exist"

Open Bible Church of Rapid City exists to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, statewide, throughout the United States, and around the world. In balance with the spreading of the Gospel, we exist to disciple those who are brought directly under our care and to ensure that all who come to Christ under the umbrella of our ministries are discipled.

Vision Statement: "Our Unique Calling"

Open Bible Church of Rapid City is a church of committed followers of Jesus Christ assisting families to establish and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by loving God and investing in people in the greater Rapid City area and throughout the world.

Philosophy Statement: "Passions That Move Us"

There are certain passions (core values) which make our church function. Without these passions we cannot do what we are called to do.

  1. A Passion for Relationship with God and Man: This is the foundational passion of our church. Everything we do must be a by-product of a loving, intimate relationship with God first, and then with man. (Mark 12:30-31)

  2. Compassion for the Lost: Birthed from our relationship with God comes the desire to see people experience Christ personally. This is the heart of the Great Commission which is evidenced by personal evangelism, church planting and missions outreach.

  3. A Passion for Discipleship: More than teaching, discipleship is training that prepares, equips, and enables people to live their lives as God has intended. We are committed to helping people integrate the Word of God into their lifestyle.

  4. A Passion for Families: Our Church will do all it can to foster family unity in this age where the nuclear family is under attack. We see the family as being the bedrock of a Godly society.

  5. A Passion for Genuine Worship: This involves a heartfelt expression to our Heavenly Father birthed from a heart of love for Him. You will feel this sincere, vibrant expression in our church and hopefully all will enter in.

  6. A Passion for Prayer: We will be a people of prayer, seeking God's direction, favor and empowerment to accomplish the goals of His Kingdom. Nothing eternal can be accomplished without prayer.