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The Other Side | The Patriotic

July 5, 2020 Speaker: Randy Brock Series: The Other Side

Topic: Patriotism Scripture: Philippians 3:20–21, Matthew 15:24, Matthew 10:3–6, Jeremiah 29:7, Acts 17:26–27

The definition of patriotism is "The vigorous and passionate support for one's country and influence in one's country. The mission to the nations depended upon Jesus mission to Israel and Jesus loved Israel! Our mission to the nations depends upon our mission to America and we must love it!

Israel wasn't perfect by a long shot but it was HIS. America isn't perfect but it is OURS. I really believe that our ministry to our homeland makes ministry to the nations possible. We cannot hate our nation and love the world anymore than we can hate our brother and love God.


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