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Jenna Ham Celebration of Life

August 8, 2020 Speaker: Various Speakers Series: Jenna Ham Celebration of Life

Topic: Funerals

After a fourteen-year fast-forward life, Jenna Lynn “Bird” Ham was called Home to be with Jesus on Saturday, August 1st, 2020 at 7:07 PM.  She was born May 31, 2006 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Birdy leaves a legacy of self-sacrifice, love, kindness and a smile that nobody who ever saw it can or would want to forget.  Jenna was kind to a fault, the sweet little girl who would internalize problems and later speak solutions.  She loved her sisters dearly, was a great big sister to Macie and Lillie—scootering, bike riding, swinging/under dogging, jumping on the trampoline, wrestling, playing lightning, thunder and “Ham” with a basketball.  Her Irish twin Alexa and she could be heard chirping sometimes for hours in their “nest” loft bed after hours (on the weekend only, of course!). 

Our smart Bird had an innate intuition, a stealthy learning curve and a quick wit that both kept us on our toes and rewarded us when nobody else got the joke.  As for school, it was Bird’s haven—surrounded by friends, the girl who only knew A’s was at home in the classroom.

Jenna was a mover.  She was a long, fast and wiry athlete with exquisite hand-eye coordination and an ability to hit a t-post with a rock from distance with her pretty little left hand from the time she was a toddler.  Yet Jenna was 90% fellowship, 10% competitor, and 100% love.  She loved people of all kinds and gained a new friend everywhere she went, from kids at the playground to her collection of doctors and nurses around the country that contributed their best to solving the then mystery of what caused her cancer.  She had many friends from all ages and walks, yet there were four that loved her at her lowest and chased her across the country—Dakota Bear, Jenny, Lydia and Viv.  Friends, there are so many individuals and families that loved Jenna, we simply cannot list them all here.  Her old soul is posted up with Jesus, so please take heart! 

Jenna is survived by a grand, loving family and a support network of friends that must be mentioned here.  Grandparents Herb and Karen Ham, Ernie and Cathy Getty who provided the initial foundation of covenant love and commitment for 47 and 50 years respectfully to date that eventually begat Jenna Lynn Ham. Her parents Jesse and Carrie Ham and her awesome sisters Alexa, Macie, and Lillie.

God bless you for loving our Bird.