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Part 4 - A Cry Unheard

October 11, 2020 Speaker: Series: Crying Out

Topic: Trials Scripture: Exodus 3:7–9, Exodus 2:24, Proverbs 17:3

I’m sure all of us have gone through really trying ordeals.  We all have felt a sense of frustration and maybe even abandonment.  We all have been overcome by some burden.  It made us think that if we could just get a break.  If someone would just help us… then we would be able to make it.  I’m pretty sure that all of us can relate in some way.  Relate to the feeling of asking for help and not hearing back from anyone.  Relate to the feeling of crying out for help…; only to feel that our cry goes unheard.

The prayer over this message is that God will not only answer the question of why there is prolonged suffering in life.  But, that God will show you specifically His greatness that brings peace.  Even in extended waiting or oppressive hardship.  That God will build you up in order to endure additional waiting or torment. And so that God will ultimately prepare you to step into success despite any obstacles!

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